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It is generally possible to complete the program over 2-4 month. This depends on your level. Through our newly offered program, you will acquire successful IELTS  result provided your level is Intermediate maximum 4 month , Upperintermedite 2 month. It should be noted that you can witness the success of our metrology by getting to know  thececent of our IELTS students in the last 6 month.

IELTS program generaly includes :

  • 5 lessons in a week – twice theoretically, twice practiccaly and one speaking lesson only for IELTS students, each lasting 90 minutes
  • – Limiless IELTS practice (special IELTS room)
  • 2 Trial Exam in a month
  • Particular IELTS speaking workshops

Price are following :

  •  5-7 students  – 129 AZN
  •  2-4 students  199 AZN
  •  Individual  – 359  AZN

Before starting lessons, you must take check-up.