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Said Alibekov

Said Alibekov has been working for our company for two years now. He graduated Azerbaijan University of Languages in 2013 and started his teaching career straight away. Before starting his teaching career he has attended numerous teaching trainings, such as Cambridge online training on teaching IELTS which made him a qualified teacher in delivering both General English and IELTS classes. He has his own approach to teaching English focusing mostly on speaking rather than traditional methodology of grammar practice. The lessons are devised to be student-oriented thus making the class interactive As it was already mentioned, he is also specialized in teaching IELTS. He himself has scored 8.0 from IELTS and is willing to share his IELTS experience with you. IELTS classes are based on an effective programme outlined by him personally. The programme aims to systematically improve both your writing and speaking skills step by step, not to mention general language comprehension.